Dance, part 2

As a result of the Georgian-Russian war in 2008 thousands of families were forced to leave their homes. Seven displaced kids from South Ossetia dance their personal story.
Director | camera | editor | 24'20



The kids

“Waiting in the Margins” addresses the situation of children that live in refugee camps in Georgia and who were forced to leave their homes in South Ossetia together with their families as a result of the ethnic cleansing during and after the Georgian-Russian war in 2008.  The choreographer Benno Voorham creates a performance in which the children dance their personal story.  Keti and Salome give us an insight in their daily life and show what it means to be waiting. They become very enthousiastic about dance and their improviastions. Keti: “I discovered new things about myself. Now I don’t do things to get approval from people, I do it because this is me. Waiting in the Margins is a welcoming change in their monotone  life.



IDP camp since 2008

Tserovani is a settlement of refugees from the breakaway region South Ossetia. People settled here in small cottages after the Russia-Georgia war in August 2008.
More than 2,000 cottages were built in Tserovani after the war, housing many thousands of residents.
The settlement lies in a field somewhere between Tbilisi and Gori – a large territory full of small white cottages with red roofs.
Refugees speak of problems which concern them. This can be the lack of agricultural lands, no jobs, communal fees, water problem and other issues.