Portrait of the actor Ahmed Sarhan who plays in the 'The Game', an absurd play based on the siege in Gaza.
Director, camera and editor | 22'30


THE play

Siege in Gaza

Theatre Day Productions, a youth theatre company in the Gaza Strip, prepares for  a tour in the Netherlands with their new play “The Game”. “The Game” (Plan A) is an absurd comedy about 4 friends trying to get what they need during the 2-year siege of the Gaza Strip.
A reality for which the actor Ahmed Sarhan gets confronted every day. Prior to the December war of 2008, the borders around Gaza were closed and the basic daily needs of the population could not get into the region. Against this background the play was written and the tour organized. The big question was: could the actors leave Gaza? Would the border be open for them… or should a Plan B be put in place?



Youth ThEater

Palestinian children

The English name and the Arabic name “Ayyam Al Masrah” comes from the notion that one day each Palestinian child will have a ’theatre day’ during his or her school year.  Theatre Day Productions began in the vacuum that existed in Palestine in 1994. Young people hadn’t been to school in the years following the first Intifada. These teen-agers were their first target group. TDP  wants drama, theatre and creative activities to be a regular part of the lives of young people in Palestine, so they can find their individual voice, their sense of self, and discover their creative life. Theatre as an alternative for the disstress in daily life.