Three senior couples fight the burocracy in order to save their pension.
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Still in love

Your partner is demented and lives in a nursing house. After 40 years of marriage you have to live in seperation. For many couples it is difficult to accept this fact. And then the paperwork starts. It is hard to gain a comprehensive overview on the financial consequences. Take the example of the old aged pension. To receive enough pension for both partners, you need to register as permanently divorced. Then the authorities consider you as single. A situation that leads to much despair amongst elderly people who are still taking care of their partner.


Three couples

Old aged pension

Three elderly couples portraited in the film got divorced not knowing the consequences of their decision, Mrs. Klimstra, Mr. de Heer and Mr. Kestelo are overloaded with paperwork frustrated by the increasing burocracy and feel unfairly treated because of desinformation by the authorities. What is left is the fight against the institutions.