Kadir van Lohuizen

Fragment of the documentary about the passionate photographer Kadir van Lohuizen who travels from the oilfields in Alaska to the submerged atoll in Papua New Guinea in search for people on the move.
Director, script and sound | 60'00
© photo archive Kadir van Lohuizen | Noor



Kadir van Lohuizen, best known for his longterm projects as the Seven Rivers and the Diamond industry, travels the world in search of stories about people who for whatever reason have left their place of birth. His photographs tell the stories that simmer on after the big news corporations have left. He aims to offer an alternative by drawing attention to forgotten conflicts and disasters. Van Lohuizen has received numerous prizes, including the World Press Photo award. He is co founder and member of  Noor  Photo agency.






Via PanAm and Climate change

While working on various subjects around the globe, Van Lohuizen discovered that migration often played a role in many issues and in many different forms, be it climate change, war and conflict or economical issues. In Via PanAm Van Lohuizen travels in one year from Tierra del Fuego in Southern Chile to the most northern part of Alaska, Deadhorse. Along the more than 25.000 km road he investigates and visualizes the patterns of migration. In his new project about climate change he pictures  people who got effected by the rising sea level. In Bangladesh millions of people will face a disaster and become climate refugees. On the Carteret islands in Papua New Guinea people are already moving because their islands disappear.