Annemie and Helmut Wolff

Annemie and Helmut Wolff fled Munich in 1933 and started a new life in Amsterdam as photographers. When the Nazis seized power in 1940, the couple committed suicide. Annemie survived.
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Simon B. Kool

In 2002 photo historian Simon B. Kool, discovered the 50.000 pictures archive of Helmuth and Annemie Wolff on Amsterdam.
As part of this heritage he discovered a box with 100 films with pictures of individual clients made from January till September 1943 and the notebook with names and addresses of the Jewish clients. Simon B. Kool is preparing an exhibition that shows the forgotten story of a life in exile. The exhibition will take place in the Jewish Historical Museum In Amsterdam.






City of Amsterdam

The exhibition will show examples of the Wolff’s work. They made publicity photographs for  the city of Amsterdam, especially the Amsterdam harbor and Schiphol airport. Immediately after the start of the second world war, the couple committed suicide. Annemie survived. In 1943  Annemie started her own studio and made portraits amongst them, Jews wearing the obligatory yellow star. Many of them did not survive the Second World War. She continued photographing till she was 65 years old. Annemie died February 2nd 1994.