26.000 faces

Houda, a Somalian girl grew up in Holland but is still waiting for a permanent status.
Director and script | 2'00


26.000 faces

Cinematic portraits

26.000 Faces is an initiative of more then 100 Dutch Filmmakers, who question the expel of a huge group of long term staying asylum-seekers in the Netherlands.  For more then five years, these people are waiting for a residence permit.
The goal is to make personal cinematic portraits of this unfortunate group of people, for daily broadcasting on national Television.




Final plead

In the beginning of 2007 the Dutch Government finally granted an amnesty to most of the asylum seekers facing deportation. Joost Bosland, the physiotherapist and filmmaker who Launched 26,000 Faces, believes thats the project played a vital role in keeping the plight of the failed asylum-seekers firmly in the public eye.