Dance, part 1

Based on their personal stories, six teenagers from a children's home in Ukraine create a dance performance with professional dancers on the theme home.
Director, camera and editor | 22'30



Dance performance

Childrens home

ДOM/Home is a project in which Benno Voorham, a Swedish based choreographer, creates a dance performance with a group of 6 dancers from Moldova, Ukraine and Belarus. In this project they work with a group of teenagers from a children’s home (Moldova, Ukraine, Belarus) to hear their stories, memories, feelings, dreams and reflections on what home means for them. These stories are integrated in a performance that travels around the country, in this case Ukraine.



the kids

Inna and Sasha

“Mama, why did you abandon me when I could’t even walk”, says Inna Bilous. She and Aleksandr Shpak are one of the six children who take part in the project HOME. They grew up in a children’s home in Bilgorod-Dnistrovsky in Ukraine. As most of the teenagers in the children’s home they distrust adults. Through the project they slowly get their trust back.  Aleksandr: “I can make jokes with them and even share my secrets”. A personal account of two youngsters looking for new perspectives.