Southern Sudanese return home after two decades of civil war.
Director, camera and editor | 19'00



Peace agreement

Since the signing of the Comprehensive Peace Agreement in 2005 between North and South Sudan, thousands of refugees and internally displaced Southerners returned back to their homeland. Most of them didn’t know what to expect. Through the eyes of newly arrived returnees, the video series ‘Going Home’ picture the situation in various locations in Southern Sudan. The films were shown in refugee camps in Uganda and Kenya as part of information campaigns by Norwegian Refugee Council. For the first time people saw images of their place of origin, after two decades of civil war.







South sudan

An epic story

20 years of civil war between North and South Sudan resulted in over 2 million dead, 4 million internally displaced people and 0.5 million living as refugees. A 2005 agreement restored relative peace, however insecurities continued. A referendum in January 2011 expressed the will of the people to secede from the North, 300,000 returnees arrived within 6 months into South Sudan seeking to (re)settle. The Republic of South Sudan became the world’s newest independent nation on July 9th 2011, and remains one of its poorest in terms of human development. At the end of 2013 an internal war broke out and again thousands of people were killed and fled their villages andhome towns.