The Sound of Zaandam South

Series short films | Director, camera, editor
How do inhabitants of the Zaandam quarter experience their own neighbourhood? With themes as poverty, nuisance and community spirit.

Ecole des Sables

Instruction film | 24’30 | Director, camera, editor
African aesthetics and contemporary dance from a practitioners perspective by Patrick Acogny, Senegal in cooperation with Academy for Theatre and Dance, Amsterdam.

Tomorrows Witnesses

Documentaire dance film | 25’48 | Director, camera, editor
Tomorrow’s Witnesses  bridges stories from World War II to the present, from the forced evacuation of Finnmark and the scorched earth campaign that followed, to the stories of refugees who have recently fled from war and conflict in other parts of the world.

A better future

Information video | 9’15 | Director, camera, editor
In Eastern Europe and Central Asia, there is still an increase of 60% of new HIV infecties. A short report on how Afew International and its local partners try to improve the access and availability of health services.

Crops and Cows

Information film | 19’00, 9’00 | Director, camera, editor
Dry season cattle migration is an important source of conflict between pastoralist and farming communities in South Sudan. A witness account for VNG International on peacebuilding and cattle migration management in three states in South Sudan.

Global Women Resistance

Compilation | 12’00 | Camera, editor
Peace conference in Mönchengladbach by the Nobel Womens Initiative.

Refuge in Uganda

Storytelling | 8 x 1’30 | Director, camera, editor
Due to the civil war in their country, almost 1 million South Sudanese fled to Uganda. Eight short stories on how they adapt a new life.

The Leathermen

Short film | 6’20 | Editor
A story on the tough work conditions of leathermen in Pakistan.

When Farah cries

short film | 09’20 | Director, camera, editor
The making of a theatre play that reflects the views of Syrian an German artists on the creative initiatives during the Syrian revolte.

5 years of war in Syria

Multimedia | Director, camera, editor
In 2015  Abdul Naser fled to The Netherlands to find security and a better future for his family. His wife and children stay behind as refugees in Lebanon, waiting to be reunited. A double portrait about memories, waiting and seperation told from both sides, in Lebanon and The Netherlands.
Photography: Rachel Corner and Oriol Andres Gallart.

Humans on the move

Clips | from 2’00 – 5’00 | Editor
Short compilations of refugees on their routes and roots.

Waiting in the Margins

Documentary | 24’20 | Director, camera, editor
Seven youngsters displaced from South Ossetia tell their story during the making of the performance, Waiting in the Margins

Bamboo, tea and ginger

Short portraits | 3 x 5’30 | Director, camera, editor
Series on local entrepreneurs in Vietnam who produce durable products like bamboo, cag-fruit, ginger and tea.

Imagine Paradise

Short film | 7’30 | Director, editor
Impression on the consequences of climate change on the Carteret Islands in Papua New Guinea. People have to move.

STEPS Beyond

Video clips |11’14 | 2’56 | 2’44 | Director, camera, editor
Clips on emerging artists and cultural workers who got supported bij the STEPS Beyond Travel Grants to explore cross border projects around wider Europe.

Summer Fun Weeks

Trailer | 4’10 | Director, camera, editor
66 Actors in 22 groups perform 6 theatre plays for 112.000 children in Gaza during Summer holidays.

Moving Stills

Documentary | 60′ | Director, script, sound | NTR | Official selection IDFA Dutch competition, Gdansk Doc Festival, official selection Gouden Kalf competition Utrecht 2014, official selection FIFA Montreal 2015.
Kadir van Lohuizen, a passionate photojournalist travels from the oilfields in Alaska to a submerged atoll in Papua New Guinea in search for people on the move.


Short documentary | Clip | 22’30 | 2’56 | Director, camera, editor | Golden Cubes Award 2014
Professional dancers and teenagers from a children’s home in Ukraine create a dance performance on the theme Home. Abandoned by their parents the children give a personal account of what home means to them.

Judge for yourself

Short films | 4’33 | 3’13 | Director, camera, editor
Oxfam invited four people to look into the progress of development projects. One of them is Esther Voorn. An impression of her journey into the world of cacao in Nigeria.

The Tandem story, part 2

Short film | 10’30 | Director, camera, editor
Over the course of one year a new generation of cultural change makers from Turkey and EU countries developed innovative cross-border projects.

The Tandem story, part 1

Short film | 13’50 | Director, camera, editor
The video shows two Tandem stories.Tatiana Pope, Silvana and Isabel de Hillerin combine traditional fabrics from rural Moldova and contemporary fashion into a new cutting-edge collection. In the other Tandem, Yaroslav Minkin produces the first Ukrainian language comic book with the Polish Ewa Hubar.

Let’s Tandem

Trailer | 2’20 | 3’40 | 1’50 | 3’20 | Director, camera, editor
Video clips on the cultural exchange of artists across Ukraine, Moldova, Turkey and EU countries.

Lost in History

Trailer | 3’00 | Editor
Crowdfunding clip for an exhibition in honor of Annemie and Helmut Wolff who fled Nazi Germany and started a new life as photographers in Amsterdam. Almost forgotten until historian Simon B. Kool discovered the photo archive. Amongst them portraits of Jews who didn’t survive the Second World War.

Indelible Images

Exhibition | 12’30 | Director, camera, editor
Short film on the return of Koen Wessing’s photographic work of the military coup in 1973 to Santiago, Chile.


Video Clip | 14 x 2’00 | Director, camera, editor
Series of testimonials on the work of Plan Netherlands  with the focus on girls.


Video Clip | 9 x 2’30 | Editor
Series of clips on eight powerful women who fight for the millennium goals.

Unicef in Southern Sudan

Information film | 17’30 | Director, camera, editor
About the contribution of Unicef projects to the development of Southern Sudan.

The Client

Information film | 16’00, 4’30 | Director, camera, editor
Video on the prevention of the rapid increase of HIV/AIDS cases in Central Asia and Eastern Europe.

The Hunger Fighters, part 2

Information film | 19’00 | Director, camera, editor
Sequel to part 1 on the changes that took place in Wonduruba, a village in Southern Sudan, where the community started an ambitious agriculture project.

Peace at Work

Information film | 20’15 | Director, camera, editor
The film follows the activities of the Sudan Council of Churches and its partners in peacebuilding, reconcilliation and development in The Sudan.

A Glimmer of Hope

Portrait | 24’30 | Director, camera | RVU
Alf van Beem, a Dutch volunteer, enlightens the lives of psychiatric patients by making music with them.

The game

Short documentary | 22’30 | Director, camera, editor
The film follows the production of  ‘The Game’, an absurd comedy about 4 friends in search for their needs during the 2-year siege of the Gaza Strip.

A Closer Look

Information film | 20’00 | Director, camera, editor
Report on the activities of the International Red Cross in the war-stricken region Darfur, and its role in the rule of law.

Going Home

Series | 3 x 18’00 | Director, camera, editor
Short films on the return of Southern Sudanese refugees to their homeland after two decades of war.

The Hunger Fighters, part 1

Information film | 17’00 | Director, camera, editor
Ruth Faber, project manager of the Recovery and Rehabilitation Project leads us through the ambitious agricultural project in Wonduruba, Southern Sudan.

Sources of Life

Information film | 19’40 | Director, camera, editor
Health workers of the Sudan Red Crescent support the local population with water, sanitation and mobile clinics in Western Darfur and Southern Kordofan.

Doctors without Borders in Chad

Information film | 13’20 | Director, camera, editor
Introduction film on the work of medics of Doctors without Borders in Gonje and Amboke refugee camp in Chad.

Killing Silence

Documentary | 35’00 | Director, camera, editor
Three Southern Sudanese youngsters living with HIV tell their story on how they cope with the taboo of HIV/AIDS in their community.


Portrait | 2’00 | Script, director | 26.000 Faces | Selection IDFA
Short film on an asylum seeker girl from Somalia, growing up in Holland but still waiting for a permanent status.

Friend and Foe

TV Series | 2 x 40’00 | Director, producer, research | IKON TV
Television programs on the position of the Dutch welfare state. Episodes on the threats for public housing  in a neighbourhood in Rotterdam and the economic neglect in the Eastern part of the province  Groningen.

Hungry in Holland

Portrait | 24’00 | Director, producer | IKON TV
Report on food aid for the poor in The Netherlands.

Run against the Wall

Documentary | 24’00 | Director, producer, research | IKON TV
Sana’a Abu Bkheet, the first Palestinan female participant of the Olympics in Athene faces a lot of obstacles during her preparation in Gaza.

Divorce Dutch Style

Portrait | 24’00 | Director, producer | IKON TV
Dramatic report about three senior couples who divorced to save their pension.

Wall of incomprehension

Documentary | 25’00 | Director, producer, research | IKON TV
More and more Palestinians in the West Bank are restricted  in their social and economic activities due to the Israeli separation wall.


Portrait | 24’00 | Director, producer | IKON TV
Petra a single mother with  nine children tries to survive on a monthly allowance.

The Burden of Care

Portrait | 24’00 | Director, producer, research | IKON TV
Maria, a severe mentally disabled girl she is forced to live in a community house with other youngsters because of Government policy.

Demolition Anger

Documentary | 27’00 | Director, producer, research | IKON TV
The inhabitants of several poor neighborhoods are forced to relocate in order to create mixed districts.

Counter Voice

Documentary | 25’00 | Producer, research | IKON TV
The establishment of ‘Gostivar Voice’, a newspaper in Macedonia made by youngsters  from different ethnic minorities.

Suicide Bomber

Report | 25’00 | Producer | Amythos, IKON TV | Screening Festival Rio de Janeiro, Beirut
Reconstruction of the last days of a Palestinian suicide bomber.

Who cares

Portrait | 24’00 | Director, producer, research | IKON TV
A community based health care centre in The Hague is weighed down by pressure because of the increase of patients.

Playing amongst Bullets

Documentary | 25’00 | Director, producer, research | IKON TV
The impact of youth theatre in Gaza. The film follows Rafat Al Aydeh, one of the actors, during the second Palestinian uprising.

Run or stand still

Portrait | 25’00 | Director, producer, research | IKON TV
A young philosopher reflects on the growing individualism in the Netherlands.

Amin Amin

Portrait | 25’00 | Director, producer, research | IKON TV
A personal account of a Palestinian activist who fled his country to The Netherlands. He graduated as architect and is the initiator of low cost housing projects in Kazakhstan.

Wandering in Amsterdam

Portrait | 25’00 | Director, producer, research | IKON TV
Steffen, a homeless teenager tries to survive in Amsterdam.

Yoom ilak, Yoom aleik

Documentary | 50’00 | Producer, research | Badil | Screening Festival Rio de Janeiro
Historical documentary on the Palestinian refugees in 1948.

My People is alive

Portrait | 35’00 | Producer, research | IKON TV
Personal story of the Israeli Haganna soldier Tikva Parnas who fought in the war of 1948 but became a human rights activist since the beginning of the first Palestinian Uprising.

Camera runs!

Videodiary | 4 x 25’00 | Director, producer, advise | IKON TV
Series about friendship between youngsters from different identities in the Netherlands.

Global Girls

Video diary | 2 x 25’00 | Director, producer, advise | IKON TV
Series on the daily life of teenage girls in development countries.

Double Dutch

TV Feature | 40’00 | Producer, design | IKON TV | IFJ award
Theme program about Dutch identity and integration of migrants.

An Oasis of Peace

Report | 30’00 | Producer, research | IKON TV
As part of the Oslo agreement, the Gaza-Jericho peace deal was signed. A report from the sleepy town of Jericho.

A Matter of Time

Documentary | 50’00 | Producer, co-director, research | Channel 4
A film on the impact of the Israeli settlement policy in the West bank.

Rocks and Marmalade

Documentary | 50’00 | Producer, research | VPA | Screening IDFA
Grass root life in ‘Intifada’ country.

Intifada Highway

Documentary | 50’00 | Producer, research | VPA | Selection World Wide Video Festival
Film about the root causes of the Palestinian uprising.